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Goucher College recognizes that some students may desire to be referred to by a different name than their legal name. On this page, you can indicate your preferred or chosen first name, your gender identity, and the pronouns you want people to use for you. If your gender identity or pronouns are not in the list, please choose “other”.

This will not change your legal name or gender in Goucher’s systems; to do so, please contact the Office of the Registrar. Instructions for this can be found in Goucher's Change of Name or Gender Policy.

All official college documentation (ex. student transcripts, diplomas, enrollment reporting, etc...) will only use your legal name. However, the choices indicated on this page will be used for class rosters, and may also be used on unofficial email and mail correspondence from the college that is sent to your college or home address.

If you would like to change your Goucher email address to use your Display Name instead of your legal first name (ie. change firstname.lastname@mail.goucher.edu to displayname.lastname@mail.goucher.edu and/or use display name in the "Name" field of your email), please contact the Goucher IT Helpdesk to request this. Please note in the ticket whether you are requesting a new email address or only an alias. If we provide you with a new email address, future emails will not be forwarded to your original email address.

The list below will be updated throughout the Fall term to reflect new areas where your preferred name will be used instead of your legal name.

  • Goucher College emails
  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Adirondack's The Housing Director
  • Starfish
  • DegreeWorks

For more information on Gender Identity, contact the Center for Race, Equity, and Identity.


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