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  • This Task has been designed for use by Faculty, Student, Staff. For Faculty, Student, Staff

Search, Click, and Done!   The portal provides you with links to all campus systems and access to information and campus services.  When you log in, you can create a custom dashboard of your favorite links, you can have access to each of your Canvas courses, and for most systems you will not have to log in again.  You can also view information and links under different categories.  Click on Help under the Sign In dropdown menu to see how to navigate. 

Your Home Page: Take a moment and make the Goucher portal (http://portal.goucher.edu) your home page.

Search: What would you like to do?  You can type in a search phrase for a system or information that you would like to view.

Sign In: Log into the portal with your Goucher username and password to connect to systems and to create and access your Favorites and Canvas courses.

Browse Categories: You can browse tasks by different categories (e.g., Academics, Faculty and Staff IT Services, Human Resources, Student IT Services, etc.).

My Favorites: If you click on the heart in the bottom right corner of a task, you can add the tasks you use most to your personal 'Favorites' section. These tasks will appear at the top each time you log in to the portal.

My Recently Used: The Goucher Portal will populate your most recently clicked tasks in this area.

Add Your Canvas Courses: When logging into the Goucher Portal for the first time, you will be asked to authorize OneCampus to connect to Canvas.  Click Yes to connect your Canvas courses to your instance of the Goucher Portal.  Once you have authorized the Canvas Connector through the Goucher Portal, another window will open with a similar Canvas authorization option.  Click Authorize.  This is the final step in connecting your Canvas courses for access through the Goucher portal.


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