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As many of you know, Goucher College is experiencing a period of great change. We have three new buildings opening this fall, designed with student success and engagement in mind. At the same time, like many of our peer institutions, Goucher has engaged in a program prioritization process to strengthen the entire academic program and support the evolving interests of our students. Last fall we launched an innovative and highly-praised new general education curriculum and this fall we will continue that process by looking at how we can enhance some majors, reconfigure or create other majors, and gradually phase out others. All returning students, as well as those starting in Fall 2018, will be able to graduate from Goucher with a degree in any of the majors we currently offer. When students arrive on campus, faculty and staff will be available to answer questions, address concerns, and advise, but the choice and completion of a students’ major should NOT be impacted by this process. These changes are part of our continued strategy to prioritize the student experience.


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